Prisma Sounds is born from Danilo Ciaffi, mathematician and video game composer, and Davide Faraoni, sound engineer.

We think music is made of huge orchestras as much as it is made of old budget drum machines, that one instrument a busker built on his own and a bunch of pieces of junk hit together, and that's what we want the composers to have access to.

Wish us luck?


Q: Do your libraries work with the Kontakt Player?
A: Unfortunately not, at least for the moment.

Q: Which Kontakt version is compatible with your libraries?
A: You can check the version of Kontakt that works with our products (and so the later ones of course!) in the Product Page of each instrument.

Q: Do you have a Customer Service?
A: At Prisma Sounds we think our customers come before anything else - after all, it is for you that we develop our instruments! So, yes, you can Kontakt us (got the joke?…) anytime from the Contact Us page on this website; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Are you thinking about having a partnership with other developer?
A: We like what we do so we are always looking forward to collaborate with anyone who wants to create something new!