Upright Detuned

Upright Detuned was born by sampling an old detuned piano sitting for years in Leo Val's film school in Finland. The piano's sound was unstable, the sustain very short and the lid made all sorts of noises, which gave it a peculiar eerie quality. The result is a wispy, lively, whimsical instrument perfect for any haunting situation.


  • 5 round robins;
  • A fully controllable ghostly drone layer;
  • Release triggers;
  • Adjustable ghost noises;
  • Built-in reverb with 3 custom IRs;
  • Built-in delay, saturation and rotator effects;
  • UI element design by Leo Val.

Upright Detuned is compatible with Kontakt 5.8.1 and above, and requires the full version of Kontakt.

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